The world’s first engineered PVC DWV system rated for high buildings and plenums. Suitable for use in combustible and noncombustible environments, System XFR is lighter, stronger, offers lower thermal conductivity, and possesses superior flame- and smoke- retardant capabilities.

System XFR® DWV

Meet the IPEX DWV Family of Products

Next-Generation Performance

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Lower roughness factor, high-impact strengths and substantially lower thermal conductivity mean System 15 and System XFR are the true no-compromise DWV thermoplastic solution for your projects.  

Our products reduce labour and transportation costs by being easier to handle, store, cut and join. With no open flames required to cut or connect, fire permits are not required. Additionally, our non-metal materials significantly cut down job site theft, giving you peace of mind.

Resistant to ignition, System XFR's inherent self-extinguishing features prevent fire from spreading; with electrically non-conductive characteristics, System XFR will not light when in contact with an electric short.

Reduced Project Costs

From advanced material properties that translate to real-world benefits to a truly engineered system designed for parking garages, hospitals, & high buildings, our engineered DWV family of products will transform your business from top to bottom.

Work smarter, faster & easier with System 15® & System XFR® DWV

Engineered Solution from Top to Bottom

Our products are part of a complete package, designed to maximize system integrity. This engineered line of products works together to ensure a smooth experience from specifying to installation.

Why Choose System 15 & System XFR?

Superior Fire Resistance

“We use DWV IPEX products in all our projects. The reason we use that system is because of its light weight, its ease of assembly, trades love it, we love it, the clients love it.”

President/Founder, Desjardins Experts Counsel

Operations Manager, MJS Mechanical

“Using cast iron pipe and fittings, there’s just zero factory support. I’ve never seen a factory rep on a project advising us. But with the IPEX product, the IPEX rep is just a phone call away”

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System 15® DWV

Meet the cost-effective PVC "workhorse" designed for the majority of low-rise and light commercial applications where DWV systems do not run through air plenums. System 15 is light and easy to handle, will not rust, pit, scale or degrade even under continued exposure to moisture, salts, aggressive soils and most acids. System 15 is an unbeatable, cost-effective investment — now and for years to come.

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A great alternative to solvent welding when working in cold weather conditions or from heights in a scissor lift or bucket. MJ Grey Mechanical Couplings are available in 1-1/2" to 18" configurations for System 15 and System XFR.

MJ Grey™ DWV Mechanical Couplings

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The double containment PVC drainage system enables improved safety and reliability in DWV applications. Drain-Guard™ provides safe transport of sanitary or storm drainage in critical areas. Should a leak occur, people, equipment, and valuable property will be protected from possible harm.

Drain-Guard™ Double Containment

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